All damaged creations can be repaired within 2 years after purchase.

If you have chosen a dress, I have sewn an extra button on the wrong side, at the bottom of the buttonhole. That way, if one of them should fall off, you have a spare one.

If it’s a pouch or any other product with only one button, you can send me a message if it has come off without you noticing! I will send you an identical one (or one of your choice from my stock if it was a unique one).

Needless to say that it is important to take care of your belongings, and that I can’t repair damage for which I am not responsible.

The after-sales service concern: a non-conformity, a possible defect related to its manufacture or to the raw materials used.

The after-sales service doesn’t concern: damages linked to the mishandling of the product, the non-respect of the maintenance advices, abusive use or traction, transformation of the product, voluntary degradation…

For any questions, or if you wish to benefit from the after-sales service, you can send me a message here.