The project

In a few words:

Through Alchemia Dominum, I would like to link two ideas that often seem to be opposite: style and ecology. Therefore, I wish to encourage people to develop their personalities with respect for the environment.

For a sustainable wardrobe:

By following your own personality rather than a trend, you quickly realize that you need less in the end.

Garments are less piled up in the closet because you can’t get bored with clothes that really fit you. You just have to follow your own style by listening to your personality.

If you choose quality materials, you don’t have to replace your wardrobe as often, because garments are made to last.

My Values:

To offer you quality and eco-friendly clothes, I chose to use natural fabrics that are locally produced (linen) and/or respecting specific standards (organic and certified cotton).

Ecology also means keeping products as long as they are usable, and not throwing away anything that isn’t natural. This is why I will also show you creations made from upgraded fabrics, the quantities of which will vary according to the raw material available.

Alchemia Dominum, who’s it for?         

– For people who are searching for themselves, groping and trying to develop self-confidence, day after day. 

– For those who have the will to be closer to nature and conscious of the impact we can have on it.

– For those who want an alternative fashion that reflects their values and beliefs.

– For those who are first of all human, with their shapes, their smile and their unicity.

– And maybe for you?

And why?

– To stop using clothing as a shell, but as a vehicle for personal fulfilment….

– To realize that our wardrobe is the reflection of our emotional landscape…

– To answer the quest for comfort, through the shape of the garment, but also through the well-being of the person wearing it….

– To show that wearing linen doesn’t always mean wearing a potato bag.

The designer:

My name is Marguerite, I am passionate about nature and alternative styles.

I have always been fascinated by the question of appearance: being and appearing.

But during my fashion studies I’ve seen the other side of trends: This industry is a social and ecological disaster.

Rather than giving all up, I decided to see the world differently! How could I do that? By using my imagination and my skills to serve ecology and people in search of personal fulfilment!

To discover more about my background: Who is behind Alchemia Dominum?

Thanks to Namidaël Photographies who took every picture of worn clothes!