Koï Obi Belt – White


This belt is made with cotton and white satin ribbons. It’s inspired by Japanese obis.

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This belt is a unique model!

Description :

Nothing better than a fabric with a typical Asian pattern to make a belt inspired by traditional Japanese outfits!

The koi carp is a very strong symbol in Asia. In China, its name corresponds to the word “abundance”. It is synonymous with wealth and prosperity, but it is also associated with life force, virility and fecundity.

This belt measures 7.5cm wide.

Why do I like belts so much?

Elegant but discreet, it’s the ideal accessory to add a touch of fantasy to all your outfits, whatever the season!

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Belt shipped within 2 days.
EDIT: Due to covid-19 all orders will be sent at the end of lockdown.

Materials :

Upper fabric : 100% cotton
Below fabric: 100% cotton
Ribbons: 100% polyester

Care advice :

This belt isn’t worn directly on the body, so you don’t have to wash it every time you use it!

If you want to wash it, I advise you to use low temperature washing (30°c), and to let it dry.

If the ribbons are crumpled, you can very delicately pass a mild iron over them, without pressing. Be careful, if the iron is too hot and/or if you let it rest on the ribbons, it risks melting the material and damaging your belt!

To tidy up your belt without wrinkling it, you can hang it on a hanger in your wardrobe.

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